Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching may be useful if you are going through the awakening process and need someone to help understand what you’re going through. I am a spiritual life coach based in Sydney.

The awakening process

I began going through this process back in the late 1990s. Up until that point I was living life based on other people’s expectations of who I should be rather than my true purpose in life. I realised I was lying to myself, which brought on a yearning desire to know the truth about life and the universe from a spiritual perspective.

At first I felt very alone. I was in a state of separation  from the third dimensional world and in my head trying to work out who I really was. Although I was spiritually growing, my life was a mess. My life was prioritized on whatever helped me grow spiritually – it wasn’t about a job, money or most other worldly needs. I could have done with some spiritual life coaching back then because I know now we can have both. It need not be a struggle – but that was the process I chose back then.

Finding out who I truly was involved going inward and accessing the sub-conscious mind. Similar to a slow computer, I needed to defrag my mind and dump all of the irrelevant data. This cleared the way for new and valid information to be processed, which sped the rate of learning considerably. Through a course of trial and error I eventually found the path towards unity consciousness and have been on it ever since. Through spiritual life coaching I can help you process this information faster.

I decided to become a spiritual life coach in 2001 to help people navigate this path – to walk between the two opposites and find balance.

Path between the two opposites

Path between the two opposites

Spiritual life coaching philosophy

My philosophy is based on unified field theory, working on the basis that everything in nature is connected. Beyond our physical bodies are energy fields, in which we interact non-physically with other people and the universe as a whole. We sub-consciously sense each other and are either attracted or repelled upon decoding these energetic signatures. I can help you tap into that.

As a spiritual life coach, I can assist you with the process of awakening, because in life you are the player. It becomes difficult if you are both player and coach. External influence can guide by showing you a map of the path from another perspective.

Spiritual life coaching process

How we work together is dependent on what you want to get out our time. The process usually goes something like this…

Initial meeting

The first meeting is where we get to know each other and involves:

  • Getting a sense of where you are now – your motivations and experience
  • I will share some of my understanding
  • We then decide if we can work together

Ongoing sessions

A point of reference would have been established at our initial meeting so that’s where we start. From there we will begin mapping out a path you feel comfortable with. The aim of each spiritual life coaching session will be to:

  • Help you access higher-self consciousness
  •  Deal with any programmed belief systems you may have
  •  Deal with areas where your spiritual being may be compromised
  •  Provide techniques to help integrate day-to-day life with spiritual being
  •  Get you out of your head and in the moment so you will be more aware

What we cover during each spiritual life coaching session may vary based on where you are at the time. Issues usually surface from the sub-conscious mind in the lead up to our meetings, so we’ll address them as they arise. Having a plan is great but it’s best to keep things fluid and not try to force the progression. I have found it’s best to invest your time in a cycle of weekly sessions. Five is a good number, and the reason being that it takes at least 28 days to establish a new habit – in this case to be more focused spiritually. The final seven days allows you to review progress and determine the next steps on your path.

One-off sessions are fine if you just need to clarify a certain issue.

I come to you and recommend that we meet at a place of your choosing – somewhere you feel comfortable. Skype sessions are also available but I recommend face to face for at least the first three spiritual life coaching sessions.

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